I have gotten a lot of emails and Private Message asking how I built the LOR CCP Pixel Spinner. I put this page together to show the pictures I have and offer more help to those wanting to build one. I really wish I had done this as I was building it, instead of now from memory.

First and Foremost. I cut my CCP's string in 4 places and soldered then back together. This voids the LOR Warranty. So proceed with caution.
If you are careful and keep track of what you doing and be sure to waterproof the connections when finished you should have no problems. You have been warned.
You need to setup your CCP so that is dual channel mode. This means you will assign a Unit ID number to it. This Unit ID will be for String 1 and the Hardware Utility will add 1 for string 2. ie. If you were to assign an ID number of 4 to this unit in Dual Channel Mode, string 1 will be Unit ID 4 and string 2 will be Unit ID 5. As shown in the picture below. Keep this mind as you add more Units to your collection. It is a good Idea to create a text file with all your Unit ID numbers so you don't forget in a year or two.
This is where I cut and spliced my CCP's
A close up of one of the splices.
A picture of the "ROW" file for the Visualizer
A picture of the "REAL" file for the Visualizer

Another view of the splices
This how I layed the CCP's out on a table to make sure they chased in the order I wanted. o.e from bottom to top, and from side to side. This will help determine how you setup the ROW file in Visualizer.
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